Blair Mountain has stories to tell

The recent March on Blair Mountain: Appalachias Rising event brought over two hundred people together to march for five days and over one thousand people together on the last day for a rally. The march was calling for the preservation of Blair Mountain, an end to mountaintop removal mining, a strengthening of labor rights and for an investment in sustainable job creation.
Lots of critical conversations were had from many with different points of view and backgrounds- but there together folks had the same general mission to work for a better and healthier Appalachia.
Check out the March on Blair Mountain website for videos, pictures, audio and testimonies from the march.

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Beginning of the Year Update

Members of Fire in the Mountains recently returned from a two day oral history training, focusing on story collecting.  It was graciously led and hosted by Carrie & Michael Kline of Folk Talk – Talking Across the Lines.

We are feeling invigorated and excited about beginning the necessary work of listening to, collecting and spreading citizens’ stories regarding the Battle of Blair Mountain, and hearing opinions about the strip mine that is planned upon this historic site.

Thanks for your support.  We look forward to conducting and uploading some interviews in the near future!

– The Fire in the Mountains team.

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Fire in the Mountains Fundraiser in Lancaster, PA

Next week – the first ever Fire in the Mountains event!

Following Low Coal, Nick Martin, of Fire in the Mountains, will be giving a short talk about why coal’s story needs to be told by directly impacted people, and how Fire in the Mountains hopes to accomplish the dissemination of these stories.

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Coming Soon: Issue One – Stories from Blair Mountain

Coming late winter/early spring 2011, our first issue ever of Fire in the Mountains will focus upon first-hand accounts from men and women that have grown up in the shadow of Blair Mountain – the site of the largest open class war in U.S. history, which is currently being strip mined despite its historical importance.  Stay tuned for transcripts, audio, video, and artwork featuring the people involved in the efforts to save Blair Mountain, and their stories of their families’ friends, relatives, and neighbors that fought and organized in that historic rebellion.

Click here for more information on Blair Mountain.

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